NEWSNIGHT: Paxman shows Coca Cola boss how much sugar is in a supersize cup
Calls are growing for high sugar drinks to be taxed in the same way as cigarettes to curb ...
published: 27 Nov 2013
Maajid Nawaz, Mehdi Hassan and Mo Ansar lock horns on Newsnight
Maajid Nawaz, Mehdi Hassan and Mohammed Ansar clash over Jesus and Mo tweet on Newsnight ...
published: 24 Mar 2014
Silvio Berlusconi - exclusive interview - Newsnight
Jeremy Paxman speaks to former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi at his villa outis...
published: 20 May 2014
NEWSNIGHT: Japanese and Chinese ambassadors on island dispute
Japan and China are in a fierce conflict over a group of uninhabited islands in the Pacifi...
published: 08 Jan 2014
Anjem Choudary on Newsnight Discussing Michael Adebolajo & Woolwich Beheading of Lee Rigby
www.anjem-choudary.com Twitter: @anjemchoudary...
published: 23 May 2013
Paxman interviews hapless minister Chloe Smith on Newsnight 26.06.2012 - Excruciating to watch
Paxman interviews hapless minister Chloe Smith on Newsnight 26.06.2012 - Excruciating to w...
published: 26 Jun 2012
author: Wayne Smith
When Paxo met Boris - Newsnight
Jeremy Paxman goes cycling around London with Mayor Boris Johnson... Follow @BBCNewsnig...
published: 18 Jun 2014
Matthew Perry debates drug courts with Peter Hitchens - Newsnight
Think-tank Policy Exchange is calling for more drugs courts - on which former addicts migh...
published: 16 Dec 2013
NEWSNIGHT: Neo-Nazi threat in new Ukraine
BBC Newsnight's Gabriel Gatehouse investigates the links between the new Ukrainian governm...
published: 28 Feb 2014
Conchita Wurst on being popular in Russia - Newsnight
Eurovision winer Conchita Wurst talks to Andrew Neil about her success Follow @BBCNewsni...
published: 23 May 2014
NEWSNIGHT - Paxman vs Brand. Full Interview.
Newsnight's Jeremy Paxman talks to Russell Brand about voting, revolution and beards......
published: 23 Oct 2013
Paxman's farewell - Newsnight
Jeremy Paxman's last moments as a Newsnight presenter - be sure to watch till the end! Fo...
published: 19 Jun 2014
Should creationism be taught in British schools? - Newsnight
Parents are allowed to choose an education for their children which fits their religious c...
published: 16 Jun 2014
Brazil 1 Germany 7 BBC Newsnight 2014
A report about Germany beating Brazil 7-1 in the World Cup on Newsnight July 2014...
published: 09 Jul 2014
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NEWSNIGHT: Ryanair boss defends the company's controversial practices
Ryanair's Michael O'Leary on getting cheap publicity, being misunderstood and macho cultur...
published: 07 Nov 2013
Jeremy Paxman interviews economist Thomas Piketty - Newsnight
Thomas Piketty tells Jeremy Paxman about the dangers of rising inequality which he sets ou...
published: 30 Apr 2014
Big bang scientist on a groundbreaking discovery - Newsnight
Jeremy Paxman announces "this really is news": American scientists believe they've discove...
published: 17 Mar 2014
What should be taught in Muslim schools? - Newsnight
After the Trojan Horse episode in Birmingham, Ibrahim Hewitt and Maajid Nawaz of the Quill...
published: 04 Jun 2014